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For those curious, the name Peoria came from an American Indian tribe in the Illinois confederacy of tribes. Ehrlichman, who in was the chief of Nixon advance men, used the phrase to mean "go over well in a non-elitist environment" in a "school" he ran for the organizers of parades, hoopla and local welcome in cities to be visited by the candidate.

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Remer, of Newport, Calif. Two of the more popular quips are: "Say, I hear you got married. How did that ever happen? Oh, yes—I spent four years there one night!

Playing hard to get is a fool’s game

But the popularity of the "put down" suggests as well that the city possesses a theatrical heritage of considerable longevity. But there is no style of humor that is uniquely Illinoisan, no body of jokes directed at the state per se, no tradition of performance that owes to, and conveys, the peculiar placeness of Illinois.

Personals near Illinois

In humor as in so much else, Illinois is two places, each with its own style of humor. There is what might be called Downstate Illinois humor—bucolic in origins and reference, most naturally expressed in parable told over the cracker barrel or the stove—and Chicago humor, whose natural idiom is the wisecrack delivered across a bar in a saloon. Humor was a crucial element in both the public and the private man; his law partner William Herndon reports reliably that Lincoln was known as a jokester and storyteller around central Illinois well before he was known as a lawyer or politician.

He did not tell funny stories for the sake of fun but to make a point, and thus favored tales with what Herndon called "the necessary ingredients of mirth and moral," the article said.

Personals near Illinois

I know that many you are aware that this dinner began almost one hundred years ago as a way to celebrate the birthday of General Robert E. If he were here with us tonight, the General would be years old. And very confused. I don't know about Peoria, but with all the political debts being paid with this spending bill, little money is going to actually go to stimulate the economy.

I bet you that if Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Barney Frank, et al were spending their own wealth, they would have been more careful as to what programs they were going to fund.

But, hey, it is not their money, it is the people's money. If President Obama would take a closer look at all Government Departments —the mismanagement, the corruption, the waste, the high of unproductive personnel— he could reorganize them and find a lot of money to invest in our economy. He should demand no more and no less than he is demanding from private companies.

Personals near Illinois

California prison system is out of control, what is your opinon on life sentcenting with prole bro. Do you think that an inmates should still have to stay in prison after the actually sentencing has been completed or but the inmates on a control device to limited the money spent on inmates in our california prison system? I can't understand how this woman receives government help when she had PLENTY of money to pay for all these procedure?

Also, -for a woman that is receiving public assistance, her nails were nicely done. It isn't even playing in Los Angeles!!! Look at the first time housing tax credit. In a high cost area like Los Angeles it is impossible to become a first time home buyer and make only 75K.

They need to lift the imcome cap so all American not just the citizens living in the less expensive parts of the country can get help. Peoria should know that it gets what it pays for.

Pelosi-ism will ruin the stimulus and benefit things that are not going to be "stimulated" in any way. So much for "yes we can.

Personals near Illinois

Why doesn't someone check out Chase bank they are raising credit card minimum payments and adding service charges if you don't accept their 7. I don't make much money right around 25, I have good credit and never miss a payment so I didn't do anything for them to treat me this way. I guess I will not be stimulating the economy, as after my house payment and this card not much is left. Eating less in South Carolina. I hope some of these banks get as hungrey as I have been a couple of times in the last 3 years.

Please do not use my last name on TV if you put this on. Believe it or not, through-out the past century regarding America's recessions, excluding the great depression the State of Illinois,especially Peoria was virtually,"Recession Proof". Why,because of it's airports,railro cattle,and grain,etc.

Personals near Illinois

I always wondered where the saying originated and what was behind it. Thanks for telling us. I hope you get a lot of dollars!

Personals near Illinois

Anderson Cooper goes beyond the headlines to tell stories from many points of view, so you can make up your own mind about the news. Questions or comments? Send an. Want to know more?

Personals near Illinois

Anderson traces his family's roots. Kathy Griffin shares her memories of Joan Rivers. Remembering Steven Sotloff.

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How young is too young for shooting? James Foley's brother shares his memories. Dorian Johnson on Michael Brown shooting.

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Robin Williams funniest late night moments. Kids in Gaza struggle to escape violence.

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AC's full coverage of MH Watch crowd rescue kids from hot car. RidicuList: Busted buying legal weed.

Personals near Illinois

Full coverage from Anderson live in Baghdad. Keeping Them Honest: Gay conversion therapy. RidicuList: Wheel of Fortune fails.

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Can schizophrenia be simulated? The next cities to look for HiddenCash. Tiananmen Sq. Anderson's RidicuList Birthday surprise. Remembering the lives lost at U. Decode the RidicuList's hidden message. Adoption Battle. Donald Sterling AC exclusive interview.

Personals near Illinois

Inside Michelle Knight's nightmare. Spike Lee on the Donald Sterling scandal. Gupta on vaccines and new cases of measles.

Personals near Illinois

Remembering victims of the ferry disaster. Why are veterans dying while waiting for care? Anderson's inside look at "The Survivor Diaries".

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Strength emerges after landslide's loss. A photo tribute to Flight 's passengers.

Personals near Illinois

Unbelievable Washington landslide survival story. Anderson honors Flight 's missing. Anderson finds Kiev calm but ready for battle.

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State Sen. Melvin's unedited intv. Creigh Deeds remembers his son.

Personals near Illinois

San Diego murder mystery. Hoboken Mayor on Christie scandal.

Craigslist Peoria personals dating sex

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