Craigslist Worcester prostitute

Craigslist Worcester prostitute

A total of 12 arrests were made, mostly for general prostitution, although two also had drug charges. The suspects were lured into the sting by responding to fictitious Internet postings in sites like craigslist and Back, for example, which advertised the exchange of sexual favors for money.

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For example, one of the false investigatory s was entitled Bike Week Beth, while a different posting was advertised as Bike Week Beauty. In each case, the suspect would respond to an offer on the Internet sites for various sexual favors in exchange for money. OCPD detectives and their allied partners would then exchange s and text messages with the suspects, setting up times and locations for meetings and arranging the costs for the various services.

In one example, a year-old suspect from Ocean City responded to a posting on craigslist under the heading Bike Week Beth and arranged to meet with the fictitious solicitor at a north-end hotel parking lot. When the suspect arrived at the appointed time and location, OCPD detectives swooped in and arrested him for prostitution.

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Most of the cases involved the male suspects arranging to meet with anticipated solicitors at various locations around the resort for sexual favors in exchange for money in the traditional sense. In the one and only case involving a female suspect during the sting, a year-old woman from Cumberland, Md. Through a series of text messages, an undercover OCPD detective arranged to have Alexa Dream meet him at a north Ocean City residence for various sexual favors in exchange for money.

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When the suspect arrived, she was greeted by the undercover officer. When the detective paid the suspect and the two started to go upstairs, she was taken into custody by other officers hidden in the house and was charged with general prostitution. Among those arrested during the course of the three-day sting operation were John E. Buffington, 27, of Alexandria, Va. Ten of the suspects have been charged with general prostitution and each was released on personal recognizance.

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Shawn Soper has been with The Dispatch since He began as a staff writer covering various local government beats and general stories. His current positions include managing editor and sports editor.

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Growing up in Baltimore before moving to Ocean City full time three decades ago, Soper graduated from Loch Raven High School in and from Towson University in with degrees in mass communications with a journalism concentration and history. ZIP: 01610 01608 01609 01602 01603 01604 01605 01606 01607 01601 01613 01614 01615 01653 01655

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